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Selling vs. Renting: Should I Sell My House or Rent It Out? A Financial Planner’s Perspective

Maybe you’re moving into a bigger house to fit a growing family, maybe you want to downsize, or maybe you’re relocating for work. Luckily, you’ve done such a good job planning that you have plenty in savings to cover the move and don’t have to sell your current house. Now you’re at a crossroads, though. What should you do — sell your house or use it as a rental?

7 Pandemic-Proof Fundamentals of Personal Finance

“A goldfish grows to the size of its bowl!” This commonly known adage is used to encourage people to expand their horizons by widening their self-limited beliefs. However, the true reason that goldfish in a tiny tank stay small is lesser known. Goldfish are “indeterminate growers,” meaning they grow for their entire lifetimes. The determining factors for how large or small a goldfish develops relates to the health conditions within the tank…

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