About LifeSighted

Our mission is to help clients live a life they love by learning about what’s most important to them and then using their finances as a tool in guiding them toward accomplishing their dreams.

Beliefs & Vision

We believe that everyone can benefit from life-focused financial planning and that it shouldn’t only be for the ulta-wealthy. Anyone has the power to make positive steps forward with their finances, regardless of portfolio size. It’s knowing what to do, and more importantly, actually doing it that can make the biggest impact between a life you like and a life you love.

By utilizing our knowledge of personal finance to help people create lives that they love, we believe we can do our part to make the world a happier, more stress-free place. We find that developing meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with our clients tends to have the following domino effect: they are happier, their minds are freer from worry about money, and in turn, they positively impact the lives of the people around them.

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