One-Time Comprehensive Financial Plan

Would you like to feel more confident that you’re making the right decisions in your financial life? Are you unclear about how all of the pieces fit together? Or worried that you’re not taking advantage of the current opportunities available to you? We can help!
What You Get

A personalized financial plan that covers all the major areas of your financial life. Walk away with the action items you need to implement the plan on your own.

How It Works
A Four Meeting Process
Free Introduction
This is an opportunity to meet and learn more about each other. You’ll ask some questions and we’ll ask some questions. We’ll send you a quote for the work and then we decide whether we want to move forward together.
We want to learn a lot more about your dreams and current financial situation. To do so, we will give you some homework and help you gather your financial documents before the meeting begins. During the meeting, we will ask you some important questions to make sure we understand your current financial situation as well as where you want to get to.
Rough Draft
Before this meeting, we have taken what you shared with us and have gone to work on a plan for you (with some of our magic). During the meeting, we will go over what we see so far and discuss any changes that might need to be made or scenarios that might need to be added.
Final Draft
You will receive a final summary of where you are now, where you want to go, and the specific action items and tools you’ll need to get there.
After you have your plan

You will have ongoing access to our online financial planning tools for a year after our final plan delivery.

In addition, if you decide that you would like help implementing the action items or more proactive guidance in your financial life within 6 months of plan delivery, we will credit half of the plan fee toward your ongoing financial planning costs.

What Does it Cost?

The cost for a one-time financial plan is based on the complexity of your unique financial situation, but starts at $7,200. Some examples of complexity are stock compensation, business ownership, rental real estate, marital status, multiple investment accounts, and trust or estate plan mapping.

You will receive a quote for our work together after our initial introduction.

Sound like a good fit?

Schedule a conversation to let us know how we can help.