Investment Management

Coordinating your portfolio to help you achieve your goals

Successful investing does not need to be overly complicated. Our CFP® professionals can help you wade through the riffraff of investment options to develop a strategy that fits within the context of your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance.

How we help

By understanding your life, needs, and what your plan is going forward, we lay the foundation to build and manage a holistic investment strategy for you. It’s only by viewing your investments as a part of a bigger picture, otherwise known as your life, that we can tackle some of the questions you have:

  • What types of accounts are best for you?
  • What investment should go into those accounts?
  • How frequently should we look at those accounts?
  • How much do we need to save?
  • How much can we safely take out of the portfolio?
  • Will I have enough to reach my goals?

Our Philosophy

(Get ready for some technical jargon…)

Investments should be fully integrated with your financial plan, taking into account your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame.

Based on an economic approach and the research of several Nobel laureates in economics, we believe Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Market Hypothesis are the core principles for understanding how markets work and what investors should care about.

Assuming markets are efficient, that means we cannot consistently predict the best individual securities to buy, nor can we win with market timing strategies. Instead, we should focus on controlling what we can control – risk, costs, diversification, and regular rebalancing.

Invest in an environmentally friendly way through sustainable investments, where possible. We believe these investments have a higher likelihood of being around in the long term. Not to mention, they are doing good in the world, and we want to support that.

Why should I pay someone to manage my money? Can’t I do it on my own?

It is definitely possible to do your own investing. In fact, there are many, many people that invest on their own, and their lives are great. We don’t pretend that we, or anyone else, has any “secret sauce” when it comes to investments. The main reasons people hire us, and why you may want to as well, are:

  • You prefer to focus on your life’s passions and want someone you can trust to do the necessary investment research, trading, and rebalancing so you don’t have to.
  • You know you should be saving and investing, but you freeze at the thought of dealing with your money and need someone to keep you on track to meet your life’s goals.
  • At times, you may need someone to coach you through and keep you disciplined during the inevitable rough periods. This could be because you are uncomfortable with or afraid of the markets, or it could be because you know the value an advisor can add by staying disciplined over time.
  • You want to make sure you have an objective third-party involved in the process and paying attention to your nest egg.

What it costs

Investment management is available only to LifeSighted Financial Planning clients.

Are you investing with intention?

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