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Don Hance Jr., EA, CFP®

Welcome to LifeSighted! Before beginning my career in financial planning, I spent several years running a tech start-up that I had founded in the sports industry. While there, I learned a great deal about what motivates people and the work that goes into building a company and wealth. But still, something was missing. I didn’t feel fulfilled, so I decided it was time to pivot. As personal finance has always been an interest of mine (thanks, Dad!), I went back to school with the intention of earning the CFP® designation and would love to share with you what I have learned along my journey.

Soon after finishing my formal financial education, I began working at a firm focused on serving high net worth clients. Through the conversations I had with the firm’s clients, I learned a great deal about their histories, including how they built and maintained their wealth. Trends began to emerge from those conversations. Among all of the financial trends, the one that stood out the most is that they wished they had spent more time enjoying the journey of life. They had things they really wanted to do in life, but didn’t feel like they could until they retired. Through working with these clients, I believe I am uniquely positioned to help others, like you. By bringing this wisdom of those clients’ experiences to our interactions, I believe I can help you live the life you want right now, rather than putting off the important things until you retire.


When I’m not crafting financial plans, I love getting outside and enjoying life with family and friends, like many other Southern Californians. Taking advantage of the surrounding area’s consistent warm weather, you can usually find me playing baseball, softball, or volleyball, hitting the hiking trail, or heading to the beach.

Education and Certifications:

University of Southern California, B.S. in Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Studies
UCLA Extension, Certificate in Personal Financial Planning
IRS Enrolled Agent

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